Textural details add layers of dimension and drama to a space enhancing how you experience and interact with the room. Our new collections explore texture in all of its forms, bringing both sight and touch to the forefront of design. Read more about these collections on our latest blog by Sophie Donelson.

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New Designs — Savoy

Our Savoy Classic collection is crafted by Japanese artisans, using unique glazes that break over the tile edge, adding a strong design element to any setting. The inventoried collection has an extensive range of field, mosaic and trim formats, offering limitless possibilities at a great value. Now with two new design additions!


Eutopia by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Introducing Eutopia, a new handcrafted collection of exquisite glass mosaics inspired by historical botanical global designs. The newest collection from renowned designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard features five intricate floral inspired patterns which gives a dimensional depth of color, and textural nuance to your space.




Alo brings attractive neutral shades that shape surfaces in fluid spaces. The interplay of light in Alo defines a decorative concept inspired by the graininess of earth. The Alo collection also features a decorative mosaic made from recycled glass of discarded TV and PC screens. Every tiny chip is unique and has its own shades of the same tone, creating a dynamic surface that is soft to the touch.



Ashmont draws its inspiration from the stucco that adorns the buildings of “The Floating City” of Venice. This collection of weathered porcelain tile with its varied color palette, worn edges and uneven surfaces will invoke a sense of romanticism through the splendor of imperfection.



Inspired by distinctive shades of oak, Helene conveys an intense tactile naturalness accompanied by rich harmonious color. The unique three-dimensional effect of the Helene surfaces is created by carefully blending wood grains and graphics. The variations in the materials and the refined transition of color shading provide a warm and inviting atmosphere of elegance.



Robetta uses a proprietary micro-engraving technique to transform unadorned tiles into exquisite works of art. A limestone replica with the nearly unlimited usage possibilities of porcelain tile, Robetta presents four distinctive patterns in four unique colors in an innovative interpretation of a classic material. 



Amelie is a classic marble with veining patterns of gold, caramel and grey across a translucent soft white backdrop. This marble is the ideal soft backdrop to any space and the perfect complement to other collections in the Ann Sacks portfolio.



Belcaro captures the interplay of light and shadow within this dimensional tile collection. The soft curve of the fluted field coupled with the stone’s distinct veining gives a sense of movement. The pleated detail adds a sense of drama with the sharpness of the edges contrasted with the natural stone. Both designs create a strong statement to any interior space.



The Checkerboard collection is an ode to this classic look, utilizing a wide selection of the finest marbles. The palette ranges from the softest whites through to the richest blacks, which allows for the custom pairing of the stones to create a distinct look.


Nubo Verde

Nubo Verde, a breathtaking stone in its range of color and veining unlike anything else currently in the Ann Sacks portfolio. Softly honed, the wealth of color variance moves from dark to light sea green, soft grey, and sage, broken by creamy white and grey veining that ebbs, pools and flows throughout this sensuous stone resulting in a visual effect that promises showstopping results.


Old World Stone

The Old World Stone collection brings a charm, warmth and sophistication through its antiqued edges reminiscent of rustic European homes. The collection comes in a range of five classic stones and three sizes that can be used as a solid color moment or in a checkerboard design.


Terrazzo Form

Terrazzo Form is a reinterpretation of the classic terrazzo tile. The contrast between the chips and flakes of precious marbles creates an intriguing textural depth. The Velvet finish has a natural surface undulation echoing the stone forms within the design giving an organic sensation underfoot. The delineated pleats of the Waterfall design or the microplanes of the Arela design creates a subtle dimension and tactile quality to wall installations.


New Dimensional Designs — Valo

Valo is a medium variation marble with a soft white background and wispy, moderately veined surface — the ideal backdrop for fashionable interiors of any style.