Wet Flooring Application Guidelines

Information to help you to determine which tiles are appropriate for your specific project conditions.

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SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) and DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) are measures that can help you determine if flooring is suitable, however they should not be the only consideration.  

Below are recommendations that should be explored during the specification process.

·        Flooring should have a SCOF score of .6 or greater as per ASTM standards or a DCOF score of .42 or greater as per ANSI standards

·        Understand usage and ongoing maintenance requirements for the space under consideration.  Floor mats should be used near entry ways during inclement weather or in areas outside a shower or pool. 

·        The slip resistance of installed tiles can change over time, especially if floors are allowed to become dusty or dirty.  It is important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to avoid floors becoming slippery due to contaminants.

·        Textured surfaces tend to be more slip inhibiting than slick or highly polished material.

·        Smaller scale or mosaic tiles are better suited to wet flooring applications due to the added friction that grout provides

·        Traction enhancements can be applied with using a product such as Slip Grip or Grip On Anti-Slip Solution.  These are sealers that increase the slip resistance of the floor to varying degrees and are appropriate for commercial flooring applications.


Per the TCNA technical bulletin on slip resistance, in addition to choosing surfaces providing sufficient traction, providing adequate lighting and designing spaces to al­low for suitable drainage will reduce slip/fall accidents. Proper footwear and shoe materials can also greatly improve traction and should be considered in any campaign to reduce slips and falls. 



One must consider type of use, traffic expectations, ramps, expected wear and maintenance, routine cleaning and manufacturers’ guidelines prior to making a decision on what is appropriate for a wet floor.