There’s always room for more beauty.
On every level, ANN SACKS aspires to be the place where you feel most comfortable with beautiful tile and stone.

A Truly Unique House of Design

Our vision is very simple: To bring you, all under one roof, a world of unsurpassed artistry, craftsmanship and quality in our choice of designers, materials and styles.

Custom Service and Creativity

Because no two rooms—or dreams—are alike, ANN SACKS always leaves the door open to fresh ideas, collaboration, creative suggestions, and custom solutions. It’s the hallmark of our work.

The openness starts in your ANN SACKS showroom and follows every step of the way. Nothing is set in stone until you feel comfortable.

A Creative History

Welcome to ANN SACKS
One day, while out shopping for a Mexican wedding dress, a tile aficionado named Ann Sacks discovers a box of talavera tiles being sold as trivets. Instantly inspired, she goes home to start a new company in her Portland, Oregon bungalow.
Our first real showroom
Quickly outgrowing Ann’s living room, ANN SACKS opens its first showroom with assorted Mexican tiles from regional artisan factories. Soon these vibrant ceramics brighten the kitchens and bathrooms of homes all over the great, grey Northwest.
Customizing color tile
Pursuing a love for tile that goes beyond Mexican hand glazes, Ann works with local ceramicists to create a line of handmade tiles in 100 colors. These are crafted to match existing products and settings, engaging the interest of Kohler.
mid 80’s
New materials and style
By the mid and late eighties, ANN SACKS broadens the collection to include other architectural surfacing materials, including limestone, marble and granite. Working with suppliers in Italy, the company begins to shape a more modern aesthetic.
A bold new family and facility
On the strength of a long, warm working relationship, ANN SACKS joins the extended KOHLER family. The result is a perfect match. Both companies share a vision of product design as a pure expression of style and lifestyle.
Shouldn’t all rooms be living?
These are words we live by. Far more than just a slogan, our tagline is really the mantra of our reason for being. We’re here to transform living spaces, and make them come truly alive for each and every person who enters.
Jolly good show
After three decades of steady growth, ANN SACKS opens a first international showroom in London. There are now more than 17 ANN SACKS showrooms. Each, on a daily basis, quietly enhances our reputation as a world leader in the tile industry.