Organic and original. Grounded and gracious. Elegant, yet earthy. Ann Sacks’ newest Elemental Hues collection is embedded with a serene sensibility. Its edited palette and fine textures defy categorization. Whether used in the countryside or a cosmopolitan city, Elemental Hues' artisanal attributes connect us with our natural surroundings in a way that also grounds us. Both relaxed and refined, the collection reflects understated elegance at its best.

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Context - New Formats

A building block that’s anything but basic, our Context ceramic line is offered in a variety of field and mosaic formats and rich palette of artisanal glazes. The versatile collection is suitable for both modern or classic interiors.


Savoy - New Formats & Glaze

Our Savoy collection is crafted by Japanese artisans, using unique glazes which break over the tile edge adding a strong design element to any setting. The inventoried collection has an extensive range of field, mosaic and trim formats, offering limitless possibilities at great value.


Laurelhurst - New Color

This warm and natural stone-look porcelain is anything but basic. Offered in several finishes, including a terrazzo-inspired format, these elements were designed to be mixed and matched offering an array of opportunities for installation in residential and commercial spaces, as well as indoor and outdoor projects.



Handmade in Italy, Barisano conveys the warmth and texture of traditional terra cotta but contains the strength and durability of porcelain. Exclusive to Ann Sacks, the versatile collection may be used on walls or floors in interior and exterior spaces alike as well as submerged areas such as pools, and high temperature areas like fireplace surrounds or behind ranges. Offered in three formats and four matte colorways that each range in light and dark variations adding to the handcrafted appeal.


Idris by Ait Manos - New Glaze

Made in Morocco by sixth and seventh-generation mosaic craftsmen, the Idris by Ait Manos collection is made to authentic detail. The art of mosaic in Morocco, called "zellige" dates back many centuries. Handmade, hand-glazed and hand-cut terra cotta tile and mosaics are crafted using traditional and regional clays and glaze pigments. Idris by Ait Manos is timeless and works beautifully in traditional and contemporary interiors.



Salvaged from 19th century farmhouses and châteaus in the south of France, Parefeuille is a collection of extraordinarily rich history. Hand made by artisans over a century ago for Provençal roofs and ceilings, the reclaimed collection provides a captivating warmth and texture to modern day wall and light duty flooring installations. The authentic French terra cotta coloration ranges in variation due to its historic nature, enhancing the charm of this collection. 



Depicting the look of natural stone, Amica is made in Italy using an innovative, sustainable process. Created from 60% pre-consumer recycled content such as quartz and granite recovered from Italy’s stone quarries, the stone powder mix is combined with colored pigments, recycled water, and cement to create a uniquely textured material. The mix is cold-pressed and left to dry and harden naturally, eliminating the use of gas-fired kilns.


Bar-On Studios - New Formats

Handcrafted in Israel, our Bar-On Studio concrete collection features a softly honed surface and organic texture that is created during the pouring and curing process. Offered in a multitude of formats and natural colorways that create a distinctive wall installation when combined. The dimensional formats may be installed with back illumination to create a dramatic impression for interior spaces.


Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola is a bold and sophisticated marble. Dramatic burgundy and violet veins swirl around fields of cream and gold, drawing the eye to explore the opulent depths of color and movement. Offered in field tiles, mosaics, a mini-slab and a box liner — combine formats for a sophisticated and dramatic effect.


Calacatta Lincoln - New Format

Quarried in Colorado, Calacatta Lincoln is a beautiful white marble with distinct charcoal-grey veining. The exquisite marble is the same that was used to build the Lincoln Memorial, which is how it received its honorable name.


Mia - New Formats

Mia marble, a translucent white stone with color variance moving from light to dark green and shades of grey, is a stunning and sophisticated option for any design style.



Inspired by the captivating, calçada cobblestones adorning the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, our exclusive Lisboa collection is offered in five distinct stone mosaics. Skillfully arranged in an artful blend of contrasting black and white patterns, the clipped-edge detail of each piece creates a soft, rounded corner, reminiscent of the well-travelled streets. The scalable mosaic creates an artistic, graphic impression in flooring or wall installations.