• 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" pillowed mosaic in metallic black with KALLISTA Michael S Smith For Loft wall sconce and One widespread basin set with cross handles and ANN SACKS Orlo pedestal and Fairchild bath furnishings (photographer: Tom McWilliam)

Context introduces an exceptionally modern basic to the ANN SACKS tile assortment. A uniform width of 1 3/4" comes in multiple length options. Sizes are perfectly coordinated to work together in a variety of horizontal and vertical patterns. The collection has a modern appeal but is easily at home in a classic kitchen or bath.

Trims & Moldings


Field Tiles


trims range from $13.51 lf to $15.50 lf
mosaics range from $14.95 sf to $20.96 sf
field tiles range from $14.96 sf to $22.57 sf
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  • Eco-thinking


Context tiles are made from a combination of reclaimed clay, bisque and sand that result in a 58.6% pre-consumer recycled content. Their extreme durability makes them a good tile for areas with interior moisture loads.

About Eco-Thinking

Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • residential floor
  • freeze/thaw
  • wall
  • Suitable for all indoor wall and light duty flooring applications
  • Outdoor wall use subject to method of installation
  • Suitable in freeze/thaw conditions
  • Suitable for use in wet areas such as shower walls. Mosaics suitable for submerged areas, such as pools or fountains, and requires custom order with face mounting. Metallic Black is not recommended for pools or fountains as the glaze may react to pool chemicals.
  • Elongated pieces may exhibit slight warpage which is most evident in white offset installations