The Moroccan Mystique

Where Moor is more.

The cool reserve of Moroccan interiors has become an increasingly hot trend in design. Layering elegant patterns and decorative elements together with rich color palettes, you can make rooms seem at once luxurious, inviting and one-of-a-kind. Traditional Moorish architecture turns a home inward for privacy, so modern Moroccan spaces always feel sheltered and cozy.


Moroccan rooms are usually done in a palette of rich, dark and intense hues. You often see burnt orange, ochre yellow, turquoise, dark teal and navy blue. Colors are generally not bright, instead being saturated and deep. Sure-fire combinations include salmon pink with turquoise, deep blue with orange, or dark teal with profound red.


In addition to pleasing the naked eye, vibrant Moroccan patterns are a real treat for bare feet. Softly honed concrete, terra cotta tiles and stone finishing are perfect—especially in hotter climates where a pleasant coolness is desired.


Leave wallpaper by the wayside. Weave an air of modern mystery with patterns inspired by traditional Moroccan mousharabia—ornate wooden screens—cleverly replicated in tile.


In Morocco, the Moor the merrier. Think colorful rugs and kilims, layered with tribal cushions and Bedouin blankets. Piling pattern on pattern creates a lovely energy—but mix and match by color to avoid creating chaos.

Inspired by Marrakesh