Product: Idris by Ait Manos 2x2 Mosaic in White Carrare, Designer: Holly Gagne Interior Design, Photographer: Jared Kuzia Photography

The Art of Zellige

Zellige, the artisan craft of mosaic tile-making in Morocco, dates back to the 10th century. Handmade, hand-glazed and hand-cut terra cotta tiles adorn the country’s palaces, mosques and riads, infusing the architectural landscape with a rich tapestry of colors, shapes and textures.

Made in Morocco by sixth-and seventh-generation mosaic artisans, Idris by Aït Manos exemplifies the quintessential, coveted cornerstone of classic Moroccan art. 

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Aït Manos was founded in 1998 in Casablanca, Morocco, by entrepreneur Ghalia Sebti and her husband, artist Tawfik Bennani. The name Aït Manos translates to “the tribe of the hands,” a reflection of the completely handcrafted process for creating these tiles.

More than an art form, zellige is an experience that celebrates and elevates imperfection. The subtle variations of tile color and texture create a sense of fluid motion as light reflects and glimmers off its uneven surface. Enduring yet ever-changing, zellige brings dimension and distinctiveness to any room.


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Each tile is hand-drawn, hand-chiseled and hand-glazed by sixth- and seventh-generation specially trained mosaic artisans, called maâlems. The zellige style of ornamental mosaic tilework dates back to the 10th century and is considered one of the truest expressions of Moroccan culture. The process begins with fine-bodied Moroccan clay, which is placed within a mold, smoothed, sun-dried and fired. Each tile is then hand-dipped and hand-glazed, a process that creates its unique color variability. Once glazed and fired, the tiles are hand-cut and assembled into elaborate geometric patterns and motifs creating intricate mosaics.

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The Idris by Aït Manos color palette is a subtle balance of timeless and of-the-moment glazes that showcase the true handcrafted nature of zellige; its imperfections and changing textures. Select from our in-stock assortment of artisan glazes hand-chosen to complement the collection – or choose from a rich assortment of custom colors to make your design unique.

The vibrant spectrum of colors is available in brights, neutrals and metallics, including an exquisite 18-karat gold custom glaze.

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Product: Idris by Ait Manos 4x4 Field in Powder Pink, Designer: Price Erickson Interior Design, Architect: Heliotrope Architects, Photographer: Kevin Scott, Location: Willmott’s Ghost, Seattle, WA

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The capabilities and fine craftsmanship of the Idris by Aït Manos collection allow your unique vision to come to life. The bespoke assortment offers over 100 mosaic, border and field formats suitable to fit traditional or modern aesthetics.

Each shape found within the intricate mosaics can be personalized to your color specifications from our palette of over 50 rich artisan glazes. The design possibilities of the Idris by Aït Manos custom assortment are truly limitless, allowing you to design a one-of-a-kind work of handmade art.

Contact your showroom to bring your unique vision to life. 


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Product: Idris by Ait Manos Custom Trim, Designer: DM Interiors

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Product: Idris by Ait Manos Custom 4"x8" Field in White Carrare, Designer: Studio McGee, Photography: Lucy Call