MADE by ANN SACKS has a curated glaze palette which balances trends with timeless design and high-quality ingredients. This ensures you have a diverse choice of colors suitable for any style or setting. Our glaze specialist carefully considers all aspects of how a glaze breaks and interacts with light in the creation and refinement of our palette. From the softest of greys to the vibrancy of our new blues to the earthiness of our greens, we have a hue that will enhance any design.

Top Row, l-r: BBarry Parchment Gloss BB03, Silk Gown Gloss G1056, Malt Gloss G2011, Antique White Crackle 105. Bottom Row, l-r: Cinder Matte CL25, Dew Gloss G1011, Granite Matte M1084, Soft White Gloss 750 

Always a cornerstone of design — and never boring — our new neutrals bring a natural warmth, depth and sophistication to any interior. This palette offers versatility with a range that encompasses everything from classic to modern translations of neutral. The opacity of color, coupled with the character of the glaze, gives each tile a strength, softness and distinctiveness which pairs seamlessly with other shades and patterns to create the perfect backdrop to any room.

Introducing a range of new jewel tones exclusively designed to add drama, vibrancy and richness. From redolent reds to sumptuous blues to opulent greens, these tones evoke colors and decadence from bygone eras. This is confident color with nothing to hide. Our spectrum of fully saturated hues gives you a wide range of options — whether you’re highlighting a feature or romancing an entire room.


Barbara Barry Radius Hourglass in B. Barry Silver Blue Matte BB37

Encompassing a fresh translation of the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, our handcrafted tile is a celebration of imperfect beauty. In a world of mass-produced goods, this hand-glazed tile’s range of color saturation gives each piece its own unique voice and organic nature.

The different bodies of tile — Earthenware or Stoneware — interact with the subtleties of the glaze to shift each tile’s texture and depth of color.

Vodka Soda Gloss Crackle G1076

Kuo Black Pearl Gloss G2032, New Mercury Gloss G2003, Deep Navy Gloss G1054, Persimmon Gloss G2001

These inky tones envelop your space, building both drama and mood. Enigmatic dark blue tones, steely grey and mysterious yet fanciful black bring a new dimension to the MADE by ANN SACKS palette.

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Sapphire Gloss G1072

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