The Crackle Collection by Kohler WasteLAB

Developed in partnership with Kohler’s WasteLab, our new Crackle Collection is made from Kohler waste material, like unfired pottery cull, which is re-purposedto produce a nearly 100% recycled tile. Our interactive glazes, with a delicate crackle finish, pair beautifully with the collection’s rich color palette.

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What the Tile's Made From

POTTERY DRY CULL: Dry cull is a by-product of the vitreous china process. We put as much dry cull back into production as possible, but a percentage is not suitable for our vitreous china products. This dry clay material makes a great tile body

SPENT FOUNDRY SAND: Spent or “green” sand is a mix of clay, beach sand, corn cobs, coal and water. It is recycled again and again until the sand particles are too small for the molding process. We’re experimenting with spent sand in our clay bodies, concrete products and for rammed-earth building materials.

WASTE GLAZE AND ENAMEL POWDER: Some enamel powder falls to the floor and becomes “dirty” during enameling, so we can’t reintroduce it into the process as pure enamel. Instead, we’re using it as a material in our glazes and experimenting to find new color effects.

FOUNDRY DUST: Foundry dust is made up of fine particles of sand, coal, clay, grinding dust, rust, dirt and some blasted enamel. It is a by-product of nearly every step of cast-iron manufacturing. Foundry dust forms the basis of our clay tile bodies.

Six Striking Glazes

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