Merinda is an exquisite mosaic series that uses reclaimed materials to create each singular work of art. Handcrafted in the United States, the five mixed-medium mosaics incorporate reclaimed wood, marble and terrazzo and are offered in two formats: Petite, beautifully scaled for wall applications, and Grande, ideal for flooring.


  • Loire mosaic in lorca white, castlerock and amsterdam
    Merinda Loire Mosaic


    • Petite (Sheet: 8.270” x 8.270” x 0.394”), Grande (Sheet: 11.920” x 11.920” x 0.394”)
  • Marne mosaic in lorca white, castlerock and amsterdam
    Merinda Marne Mosaic


    • Petite (Sheet: 18.110” x 17.940” x 0.394”), Grande (Sheet: 12.500” x 25.090” x 0.394”)
  • Moselle mosaic in noire, lorca white and amsterdam
    Merinda Moselle Mosaic


    • Petite (Sheet: 8.170” x 8.270” x 0.394”), Grande (Sheet: 11.440” x 11.590” x 0.394”)
  • Rhone mosaic in lorca white, castlerock and amsterdam
    Merinda Rhone Mosaic


    • Petite (Sheet: 10.660” x 16.780” x 0.394”), Grande (Sheet: 15.250” x 24.000” x 0.394”)
  • Seine mosaic in lorca white, condesa and amsterdam
    Merinda Seine Mosaic


    • Petite (Sheet: 8.960” x 10.070” x 0.394”), Grande (Sheet: 12.810” x 14.390” x 0.394”)


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SKU: AS19227

Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • residential floor
  • wall
  • Suitable for indoor wall and medium-duty flooring applications
  • Stone & Terracotta mosaics suitable for use in wet areas where mosaics are not submerged
  • Mosaics with wood, gold or silver leaf components not recommended for wet applications
  • Not recommended for use on kitchen countertops or working surfaces, since the acidity of liquid spills and excessive heat from cooking utensils may damage the surface
  • If using around a fireplace or near a stove (such as a kitchen backsplash), care should be taken that the material is not exposed to high levels of direct heat
  • Please see Ann Sacks slip resistance and wet flooring application statement to determine usage in a wet area