ANN SACKS, leading designer and manufacturer of fine tile and stone, collaborated with internationally renowned designer, Kelly Wearstler, to create a series of collections that embody the heart and soul of her remarkable, often-published and heralded career. Her love for geometric patterns and architectural details, the precision and clean symmetry, and visually striking and boldly distinctive designs, with a modern nod to sand and stone patterned landscapes, all come into play through her new designs for ANN SACKS..

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with ANN SACKS,” said Wearstler. “Delving into this expressive medium has always been a dream of mine. To be able to collaborate with a formidable leader in this industry has been incredible. We share an affinity for artisanal craftsmanship and thoughtful materiality. It has been the ultimate luxury to have my vision come to life with such precision and beauty.”

ANN SACKS introduces three thoughtfully curated tile and stone collections by Kelly Wearstler that feature handmade designs inspired by Wearstler’s signature prints, patterns and motifs in visually striking and textural materials, including hand-painted tiles, embossed stones, and ceramic and stoneware.


The three collections – Maven, Tableau, and Liaison – are the first of five collections being unveiled in 2016. Each speak to Wearstler’s design acumen and ability to translate her love of nature and all its unique beauty and irregularities into works of art.

The remarkable series all stem from the heart of an artist who incorporates the world around her in surprising ways. Explained Wearstler, “My aesthetic is about mixology – the juxtaposition of contemporary and classic, masculine and feminine, raw and refined. I have a great passion and affinity for art history. Important historical reference points lend such spirit to a space. The tension of opposites has always been innately sexy to me. I want to tell a story that is adventurous, unexpected and special.”

Her collective body of work speaks to Wearstler’s insightful ability to transport an ideal into a dimensional, artistic expression. Her collections for ANN SACKS build upon these core values – from the textural play of stone mosaics, to employing the handcraft of the cuerda seca dry line technique, and the earthy beauty of stoneware – all come together in three distinctive collections that speak to her great talent and very unlike anything produced by ANN SACKS in the past.

“Designs that explore a clever use of materiality from a range of eras and risk-taking aesthetics all appeal to me most,” said Wearstler. I am hugely influenced by architecture, art and fashion. Nature is a persistent muse, especially living in California. Mixing raw elements with curated, elegant materiality creates a beautiful synchronicity that feels natural, yet at the same time composed and cool.”