Our wide assortment of terrazzo design styles elevates any space. Starting with tonal old-Italy Terrazzo Renata with larger chips of marble from the famed Carrara mountains. Next, Whimsy by Nicole Fuller adapts the age-old medium with a creative expression. Then, newly launched Teigen that offers the dynamic textural pattern on porcelain. Finally, Andy Fleishman's imaginative endeavor into this medium with his Neo Terrazzo concrete collection. 

Terrazzo Renata brings the beauty of Old Italy terrazzo, which means “terrace” in Italian, into the homes of today. Throughout Italy you will find versions of these tiles in palazzos and casas alike and lending rustic charm to village walkways and gardens since the 15th century.

Terrazzo Renata includes marbles from the famed Carrara mountains, its stone combination selected for its fine variation in size, composition and coloration.


Nicole Fuller’s innate sense of style is showcased throughout Whimsy, bringing forth a collection rich in creative expression. Fuller chose terrazzo as her medium of choice for the Whimsy collection. Not only is the material chic and gorgeous with its visual interest and subtle texture, it is also eco-friendly, durable, weather resistant, and highly customizable.

Taking its name from the Irish word for “beautiful”, Teigen captures the enduring old world elegance of authentic terrazzo. This unique collection is offered in both squares and hexagons, creating a classic look with a modern and fresh approach. Teigen is sure to make a statement in any setting

Davina is a collection that captures the essence, prestige and extraordinary beauty of centuries-old Venetian terrazzo tile. Taking cues from Old World Italian villas and palazzos, the craftsmanship and versatility of Davina makes it an ideal choice for projects ranging from commercial to the most exclusive homes.

Product: Andy Fleishman Neo Terrazzo Celestial in Camel with White and Light Grey Marble, Designer: Phoebe Howard, Photographer: Scott Ehlers

Andy Fleishman’s latest imaginative endeavor into the world of flooring is Neo Terrazzo, an innovative tile that employs aggregate to create designs within a concrete base tile. The aggregate is comprised of local North Carolina sands and stones and includes a recycled glass option as well as a stunning mother of pearl option. The available patterns are imaginative, complex and active.