“When designing a space, select elements that have their own distinct voice yet interplay cohesively to curate a singular environment.” – Kelly Wearstler

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The textural layers of timeless beauty inherent in natural stone are modernized with graphic patterns and vibrant sweeps of color in Liaison. An imaginative curation of marble, travertine, limestone, onyx and granite designs, Liaison evokes classic architectural environments infused with the immersive wonderlands of Wearstler’s expression.


Senso articulates geometric and linear motifs in subtle, repetitive meditations. Inspired by Wearstler’s affinity for artisanal plaster and its remarkable intricacies and dimensional points of interest, these new designs convey the beauty of plaster with the strength and unique flexibility of stoneware.


Scout pushes boundaries with singularly ornamental linear, geometric and curvaceous shapes in variance of scale that bring an extraordinary dimensional texture to a space. 


Wearstler’s signature architectural and graphic-inspired designs serve as the dynamic foundation for Tableau, a series of six distinguished styles made especially for creating spectacularly imaginative spaces. Referencing the designer’s iconic ruched leather furniture and the enveloping, painterly graphic crescent pattern of her renowned wallcovering and fabric collections, these handmade-in-Portland tiles interpret her evocative designs with exacting detail. 


Wearstler’s deep admiration for the alluring beauty of encaustic tiles informed her choice of including this revered art in her collection of designs with Ann Sacks. Aptly named Gem in homage to the striking ornamental appearance and historic tradition of encaustic tile making, the nine designs capture the unique visual presence of artful, modern reliefs transposed onto a hand-fashioned alchemy of cement, sand, ground marble and pigment.


Infused with Wearstler’s ever-long passion for repetitive graphic patterns and her iconic use of black and white motifs in her design work, the energized dialogue between striated lines, geometric shapes and negative space generates an alluring tension of musical quality.