Based in Los Angeles, CA, Wendy Word Design is a full-service boutique design firm specializing in lasting and livable interiors. Drawing inspiration from everything around her – travel, art or something as simple as an exceptional sunset or natural setting – it is all in some small way, informing a color palette, a textile pattern or a mix of elements.

Photography by Ryan Garvin and Lauren Pressey, @wendyworddesign

How do you maintain a balance between livability and luxury in your designs?

This is very much dictated by the client’s point of view.  The patina on surfaces can be perceived as “worn in” and lovely or “worn out” and compromised, depending on perspective. While we personally love the lived-on and loved wear and look of natural surfaces, we are always setting expectations with the wear and materials.  It is about asking the questions up front, that way there are no surprises.  

You use a variety of our tile collections. Do you have any favorites?

We find ourselves using many of the different collections. Truly cannot name a favorite here, it is so project dependent. We are, however, currently coveting several of the Tiempo Terra Cotta pattern. They are so dreamy. 

In your opinion – what does tile do for a space?

Tile is EVERYTHING!  We literally start defining the feeling of individual spaces as well as weaving the theme of the overall project here.

Now let’s talk about the Packsaddle project – can you tell us a little about the project as a whole, where did your inspiration for the project come from?

Packsaddle inspiration came from the sweeping views and grounds themselves as well as collaboration with our design savvy clients.  It was a collective jaw drop on the first site visit! All selections were layered in to echo the calm and tranquil surroundings and careful consideration was given to the owner’s curated art and treasures we were tasked to incorporate. The California Ranch was reinterpreted in a modern, current way.

You used our Savoy Collection for a few of the bathrooms in this house – what made you choose it?

Savoy is a "go to' line for us – the special character of it, the size and shape options and the colors are so right for so many spaces.  It always reads fresh. We love to play with the format to create new design concepts.

The Laurel Luxe project - You use a lot of hues of blues and different textures in this design – how did you keep that cohesive look using tile throughout the home?

Hues of Blues perfectly sums up the palette at our Laurel Luxe project. We used the range of Ann Sacks textures to differentiate the spaces while the color selections maintained a direction that felt connected.

That terra cotta Idris by Ait Manos backsplash is such a statement! How soon in the design process was this tile selected?

The Idris backsplash was specified very early on. It was the right call with the Calacatta marble tones and the mix of stain and paint finish in the cabinetry. We brought in the lighting and textiles to follow and have never looked back.  Love love love zellige! We have since incorporated other colors of this material in subsequent projects. 

All of your designs are so beautiful! Can you share with us your top design tips?

"Nothing is better than the wrong thing” has always been my mantra.  This applies to nearly every selection in the design process- period.  Don’t settle, those are the regrets.