Creating a fun and comfortable space for family gatherings was at the core of this 1970’s Oregon beach house renovation. Using natural elements like pine, and a color palette inspired by the coastal landscape, Max Humphrey and Architects Beebe Skidmore created a laid-back look with loads of style.

Photography by Christopher Dibble, @maxwhumphrey

Tell us about the beach town of Manzanita where this project is located.

Manzanita is a town on the Oregon Coast about an hour and a half from Portland. It was my first time here when we started the project and now I never want to leave.

Tell us about the inspiration behind this project.

We were really inspired by color and what colors we can see from the house – the blue and pinks skies, sand, green beachy grass, we tried to incorporate that scheme into our design.

What were some of the challenges with remodeling the 1970’s beach home?

It was really dark at first. The architect, Beebe Skidmore, addressed that by vaulting the ceilings and adding sky lights and a ton of windows.

Tell us about your design process.

With every project I start out going shopping for different materials. For this project, once we landed that it was going to be a beach cabin with some cabin vibes, everything else just fell into place.

What was your first tile selection for this project?

The first tile is the swiss cross, which we used in the kitchen. I knew I wanted to use it because it is perfect for a coastal project. It’s a fun pattern without it being too busy.

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