Introducing the Whimsy Collection by Nicole Fuller

Rich in creative expression and inspired by extraordinary artists from around the world, Nicole Fuller introduces Whimsy Collection.

Meet Nicole Fuller

Nicole Fuller is the founder and Creative Director of Nicole Fuller Interiors, a New York and Los Angeles based interior design company. Known for seamlessly layering contemporary design with traditional motifs, Fuller, takes this approach to new heights with the Whimsy Collection.


The whimsical, repeating pattern celebrates bold use of color, gesture, and symbolism.  Palm is offered standard in the colors of Bianco with Nero; Avorio with Wenge; and, Lava with Bianco and also available in a variety of custom colors. 



Inspired by abstract minimalism, Fuller references there works with a title defined by graphic form and bold color. Ellsworth is offered standard in the colors of Bianco, Lava and Nero or Avorio, Cipria and Wenge


Is based in part, upon the fashionable contour of the 1980s. Sensuous line and graceful curves further define this design. Farrah is offered standard in the colors of Bianco with Nero or Bianco with Grigio.