The Big Reveal

2015 New Products

To fire your interior monologue on the subject of tile and stone, we’re proud to offer our big Reveal—a dynamic, large-format glass by that name—along with nine other equally gorgeous new products. Created by gifted designers, inspired by looks from all over the globe, and crafted with consummate skill, these new arrivals unwrap a wide field of possibilities.

Geode by Andy Fleishman

Inspired by a natural geode’s pairing of sparkling crystal within ordinary rock, this collection marries smooth and rough surfaces with designs that are enticingly tactile. The patterns and colors create installations that are eye-catching and unexpected.

Ogassian Brisé

Taking its cue from 70’s modern and midcentury cinderblock screens, Ogassian Brisé (French for breeze) is a breath of fresh air in concrete. Smooth, dimensional and decorative, it makes a distinctive divider in Japanese, Geo, and new Classic Weave.


A rich, soft, luminous blend of travertine and metallics, Lux brings an elegant touch of gold, silver or platinum to feature walls, bars, and fireplaces. Let there be Lux. You’ll discover that appearances can be delightfully deceiving.

Lux Decorative

Made as a respectful bow to the old bronze doors you see on mosques, Lux
Decorative melds metallics and stone in deco style. Dramatic as a feature wall, fireplace or backsplash finished in Pewter, Silver or Gold.


A stunning revelation: Large format metallic glass with an expressive surface of organic waves and folds, and random inclusions and markings. Available in Bronze, Diamond and Onyx, Reveal is sure to transform any space into a glamorous location.

Beau Monde

Our Beau Monde collection is now even more elegant with our new Della Mano
finish. Soft and slightly pillowed, it’s handcrafted in the US and available on
all of our classic Beau Monde designs as well as the new designs—Clark
and Madelyn.


From Greece, our aptly named Olive stone is slightly leathered looking and handsomely monochromatic—in a khaki color that’s very sophisticated for stone. Appropriate both indoors and out, it lends itself well to the modern design style.

La Palma

From Spain, ANN SACKS brings a versatile new shade of grey with our La Palma stone—which we don’t have to tell you is trending. La Palma is honed to a lovely texture, with just the right touch of speckling.

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