Hand-crafted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the gifted artisans at Scathain, our Versailles collections combine a modern industrial look with an antiqued mirror effect. Each tile is created utilizing 18th century mirror making techniques, resulting in a stunning and sophisticated backdrop for any setting.

Scathain, Gaelic for mirror, was founded by John McWilliam in Milwaukee, WI.  John initially began his career as a musician, producing and performing with headliners across the country. During this time, he also maintained a small painting business in his hometown.

The painting company specialized in meticulous “Old World” techniques. Intrigued by these age-old methods, John also begin experimenting with metal patinas and mirror silvering techniques, which led him to further explore the art of furniture manufacturing and architectural furnishings.

Amidst the recession of 2008, John developed a network of highly skilled artisans ranging from blacksmiths, metal sculptors, furniture grade carpenters and finishers to come together and form a small company specializing in creating hand-crafted, quality architectural elements.  

The genesis of the Versailles collections for Ann Sacks, came from exploring mirror-making techniques within a tile medium.  The glass is hand-silvered then hand-sanded to bring out its natural imperfections, and finally hand-cut in age-old craft. The result is a tile that imparts an intricate interplay of extreme variation – the silvering moving from light to dark, its surface broken by random streaking and spotting like that of aged mirror. Suitable for all vertical, dry applications, and available in a beautiful range of shades and formats, the Versailles Collections create a unique and stunning statement reflecting the artisan craft that is imbued into each piece.