Organic, intricate and completely unique, these three concrete collections by designer and artist, Andy Fleishman, make their mark in any installation.

Inspired by a natural geode’s duality of sparkling crystal within a seemingly ordinary rock, this collection marries smooth surfaces with rough ones, and strict linearity with Geode’s designs are both visually intriguing and enticingly tactile. The repeating patterns, appealing colors and the interplay of the polished raised surfaces with the granular troughs create installations that are unusually beautiful and utterly unique.

This completely unique concrete flooring employs grout lines to create a distinct patterned look. Highly artistic, Andy Fleishman tiles make their mark in any installation.

Andy Fleishman’s latest imaginative endeavor into the world of flooring is Neo Terrazzo, an innovative tile that employs aggregate to create designs within a concrete base tile. The aggregate is comprised of local North Carolina sands and stones and includes a recycled glass option as well as a stunning mother of pearl option. The available patterns are imaginative, complex and active.