Kelly Wearstler answers your questions!

We gave you the chance to #AskKelly on social media, here are her answers to your most popular questions

Recently, Kelly Wearstler took over our social media and did something very special: she answered questions from our followers who tagged their posts with #AskKelly. These were the top questions asked via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter...and now we're sharing with everyone! Read below for her exclusive Q&A with Ann Sacks fans. 

Q: What got you interested in Interior Design?
I have always been drawn to design. My mother was a designer and she took me to antique shows and auctions as a girl, educating my eye from a young age. Our home was constantly evolving with the additions of beautiful and unusual objects, textures and colors. Art class flew by the quickest in school and I was never without my sketchbook. Interior design combines so many of my passions – architecture, art history, sculpture, pattern, texture, light and movement. I suppose it was always in my blood.
Q: How does one become a successful designer? Is school the first step?
Interior design encompasses so many creative facets. Studying and staying curious is instrumental in achieving success. I personally went to art school (Massachusetts College of Art in Boston) and studied design, architecture, drawing, art history and received my bachelor’s degree in interior and graphic design. Beyond school, it’s important to have an insatiable appetite for books and educating your own tastes as a designer. I want to constantly be expanding and growing as an artist.
Q: What was the best advice you received when you were starting out?
Stay focused on what you do best and everything will fall into place. My mother told me that long ago and I’m so happy I listened to her.
Q: Has your aesthetic changed since your first project? Any favorite projects?
My aesthetic is constantly changing. If you are not always learning and evolving as a designer, your work can become uninspired. I’m a very curious person. I am always looking for inspiration in new places, new materials to work with and new artisans to collaborate with. The Avalon Hotel (pictured) in Beverly Hills will always hold a special place for me as it was the first hotel I ever designed. It’s been incredible to be able to reimagine the concept over the years.
Q: From where do you draw inspiration?
Design is largely intuitive for me. It is falling in love over and over again. Mother Nature, architecture, fashion, art are all incredible influences. Travel is wildly inspiring. It broadens the mind like nothing else. It is no secret that I love color. Living without color is like living without love. Taking risks inspires me. I want to create a sense of adventure and challenge myself. My process is one of curiosity and experimentation.
Q: Who are the designers/artists that inspire you most?
I love all eras and movements of art history. Victor Vasarely is my favorite artist. His eye and sense of texture and dimension is amazing. I love the raw, painterly exuberance of Cy Twombly. His pieces have such remarkable energy and emotion. Sheila Hicks and Louise Nevelson are hugely inspiring for texture and scale
Q: How do you keep any sort of balance in your life with such a crazy schedule?
Separating time each day for yourself, your work and your family is so important to maintaining balance. Every morning I’m at Barry’s Bootcamp to get the day started. It’s an amazingly efficient workout. I go to the 5:30am class and am home in time to drive my boys to school. When I’m at work I’m completely focused on all the exciting projects happening at my studio. In the evenings I turn off my phone and iPad and spend quality time with my boys.
Q: How did you get started in tile design?
A tile and stone collection has always been a dream of mine and to be able to collaborate with a formidable leader in this industry is so fantastic. We share an affinity for artisanal craftsmanship and thoughtful materiality. It’s the ultimate luxury to have your vision come to life with such precision and beauty.
Q. How do you always set trends that stay?
I try not to think in terms of trends. I aim to create a sense of adventure in my designs by experimenting with the juxtaposition of styles from a range of eras, materiality and risk taking aesthetics. My focus remains fixed on constantly pushing myself and educating my eye as a designer.