2019 Summer Collections

In Showrooms Now

New Designs — Arcilla Ceramic

A handmade tile crafted in Spain, Arcilla updates the standard subway tile currently seen in the marketplace with an undulating surface and a fresh, contemporary color palette. Designed at a price point to make it an exceptional choice for both large-scale commercial and residential installations, Arcilla is also an inventoried collection to ensure availability no matter the project size. New additions include a versatile 6" Hex field.


New Designs — Gem by Kelly Wearstler Concrete

The Ann Sacks collaboration with internationally renowned interior and product designer, Kelly Wearstler, continues with Gem by Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sacks — nine handcrafted designs that reflect the earthy beauty of encaustic tiles with the sophisticated nuance of simple, repeated patterns. The artful repose of the Gem designs captures the unexpected patterning and nonconformity found in nature in a soothing neutral palette of layered color and contrasting geometric relief.


Caramelle Porcelain

Irregular shapes and dusty colors evoke the look of old-style sugar candies, resulting in an unusual mosaic. The solid colors give a simple, yet poetic and timeless cladding. The blended versions reveal a fresh, almost playful, camouflage covering.


Colore Porcelain

The surface texture of Colore combines soft matte colors with material texture, recalling the weave of a printed canvas. Mixing and matching subtle variations of multiple shapes permits creative decorative schemes to emerge, encouraging unique patterning and a myriad of design options.



Diarama Porcelain

Diarama is a study in texture and color. Mixing matte and gloss glazes in varying palettes creates a bold, colorful surface that captures the eye beautifully.


Figurati Porcelain

Modern and eclectic from designer Lex Pott, Figurati mixes contemporary visual language with a retro flare. A unique combination of colors and shapes allows for an endless number of patterns, resulting in an entirely customizable arrangement.


Firma Porcelain

Hand-modeled clay wall tiles from design firm Alissa + Nienke emphasize humanity’s ancient decorative approach to materials and surfaces through rough, primitive etchings. The effect created is powerful, solid and rugged, but with sophisticated details.


Grazi Porcelain

Grazi embodies a modern approach to design with a contemporary color palette, coupled with graphic shapes and textures.


Soffitta Porcelain

The imperfections of this industrial inspired collection give Soffitta its defining characteristic. Inspired by distressed walls, fragmented by wear and patinaed by rusted steel concealed within, this collection strikes a harmonious balance of industrial beauty.


Mia Marble

Mia marble, a translucent white stone with color variance moving from light to dark green and shades of grey, is a stunning and sophisticated option for any design style.


New Color — Savoy Ceramic

A collection with an extensive inventory of mosaic, field and trim offered in a unique assortment of artisan glazes makes it one of the most comprehensive ceramic collections available. Our new glaze, linen, provides an excellent neutral option across all formats.