• 7-3/8" x 31-1/4" baufort river field in burnt sepia-walnut

Network is a wood paneling system that allows you to create a stunning and unique installation. Available in a variety of modern designs and a rich palette of wood finishes in white oak and walnut.

Field Tiles

Trims & Moldings


field tiles range from $30.70 sf to $56.83 sf
trims starting at $13.22 lf

Special Order
SKU: AS16010

Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • wall
  • Suitable for residential and commercial vertical surfaces. Some designs are suitable for ceiling applications following specific installation guidelines.
  • Tiles may be used in a kitchen or bathroom as long as they are not installed near or at a "splash" area. The tiles are finished with a conversion varnish (commonly used in kitchen cabinets) which can damage behind a splash area over time.
  • Not recommend for use around a fireplace or heater as they are made with flammable materials
  • As with all wood products, fading can occur with exposure to light (sunlight or household lighting)