Antique Dark

  • 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" field (photographer: Phillip Ennis, stylist: Jason Trotter)

Over 150 years old, this French terra cotta possesses extreme variations in shading, edge conditions and surface conditions. The red color palette delivers a classic terra cotta feel, and as a reclaimed material, it adds immense character to any project.

Field Tiles


field tile range from $24.50 sf to $26.50 sf
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  • Eco-thinking


A brilliant example of reclaiming material, Antique Dark terra cotta tiles are 100% post consumer recycled. Reclaimed from original building sites in France, there is absolutely no manufacturing required prior to reuse.

About Eco-Thinking

Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • residential floor
  • freeze/thaw
  • wall
  • Suitable for all indoor wall and medium duty flooring applications.
  • Outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation.
  • Will exhibit uneven surface texture and thickness may vary from piece to piece.
  • See material waiver for unique product considerations.