Clodagh Shield
from the Ann Sacks Collection

Designer Clodagh introduces Shield. Pulling its edges in from the confines of the square, the result is a soft, curved shape. This device creates a unique effect, bringing the grout into play as an integral design element. Offered in Clodagh's natural earthtone pallete as well as in all Ann Sacks Collection colors, this innovation brings a soft, warm aesthetic to any interior.

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birch cl27 cinder cl25 concrete cl26 dune cl20
birch cl27cinder cl25concrete cl26dune cl20
mist cl24 sage cl23 pumice cl21 sandstone cl22
mist cl24sage cl23pumice cl21sandstone cl22
driftwood cl32 marsh cl35 dawn cl30 marine cl33
driftwood cl32marsh cl35dawn cl30marine cl33
clay cl31 silstone cl34 shale cl29 masala cl36
clay cl31silstone cl34shale cl29masala cl36
cinnabar cl28 coal cl37   
cinnabar cl28coal cl37  

4 4  
4" x 4" field in birch matte4" x 4" field in dune 

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4" x 4"   

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Clodagh Shield