There is a craft story behind ANN SACKS that goes beyond its mission to seek out the finest ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tile.

It is a story much closer to home. 

In fact, it can be found at the doorstep of our Portland, Ore. headquarters.  For over 30 years, our ANN SACKS factory has produced a remarkable breadth of ceramic tile designs – from our prestigious guest designer series to the in-house collections that have become a staple within the company.  



Somewhat of an unsung hero, but a core component within our brand, this colony of craftspeople, from artisans and ceramicists to engineers and manufacturing technicians, are an intricate part of the ANN SACKS family and the genius behind 14 handcrafted ceramic tile collections.

Rich in heritage, traditional in craft and modern in scope, we now herald these tile designs under one overarching category: MADE by ANN SACKS.

MADE in Portland
ANN SACKS was founded in 1981 by an extraordinary woman of the same name whose simple story that we believe captures the essence of the American Dream. Falling in love with tile on a family vacation to Mexico at 13 years old lit a spark within Ann Sacks that did not dim. After trying her hand in teaching and social work, Sacks decided to make her passion for tile into a business.

Her Portland Heights bungalow became her studio, tiling each floor in a different shaped terra cotta tile, many hearkening from Mexico. Sacks then tiled her dining table and proceeded to tile the rest of her home and her husband’s law office. She placed small advertisements in the local newspaper and invited people to step inside her world of tile. Read ANN SACKS entire tile history here.

MADE with Design in Mind
We've kept the spirit of ANN SACKS alive by bringing on gifted artisans and skilled ceramicists to pursue innovation in all our tile offerings--whether it be a simple, white subway tile or an artfully carved custom design.

Our company has sought out acclaimed U.S. designers of our time, including Barbara Barry, Clodagh, Robert Kuo, Michael S Smith, Vincente Wolf, and Kelly Wearstler, to craft ceramic tile designs from their own personal perspective.

Employing rich Oregon clays, these gifted artists have made their visions a reality in our earthenware and stoneware tile designs.

MADE with Care
Our company also began its own in-house tile collections comprised of unique patterns. textures, and shapes and fashioning over 150 matte, glossy, and crackle glazes to set it apart from the mainstream. You can also custom color or size any tile to bring your unique vision to life.

Each MADE by ANN SACKS collection is meticulously crafted by hand in our Portland facility using time-honored techniques and the latest in technology to produce a product that is considered second to none.

Come visit our Portland factory and you'll see that we understand the importance of conservation and are continuously trying to raising the bar at every level of the business. Learn more about our eco-thinking efforts here.

MADE for You
From a small import business to today’s global network of showrooms, we are founded on the concept that tile and stone can create imaginative, vibrant spaces.

We truly desire to bring life to the design of any (and every) space.

MADE by ANN SACKS represents our commitment to bring you tile collections that reflect passion, ingenuity, and most importantly, true handcraft – an art form that we will never let go out of style at ANN SACKS.

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