Marvelous in Metallics

We think even tile should sparkle.

The strategic use of metallics can radiate glamour and elegance to create added interest in your interior space. Look ahead, when designing a home, for chances to heighten and polish the impact of certain rooms. Employ metallic accents thematically throughout the home to subtly tie different areas together. Or, save your metallic expression for focal points like baths and vanities. Keep in mind that each color comes with a unique character for enhancing a specific mood. An inspired choice of iridescents will bring your vision to shimmering life.


Hands down, gold is the most opulent hue—bringing an added sense of richness and warmth to just about any interior. Its aura is equally alluring whether glowing in soft interior lighting, or lit up by direct rays of sunlight in the morning or afternoon.


By contrast to gold, silver is slightly softer and sleeker, yet equally luxurious. In fact, you’ll find it beautifully malleable in working with a host of design aesthetics. From sophisticated modernism to rustic charm to contemporary romance—there’s an appropriate setting for the clean grace of silver around virtually every corner.

Metal Accents

Remember, metallics don’t have to be dainty. Used sparingly, they come in quite handy to make a statement of power. Send a message of strength and maturity. Or bring a touch of balance and weight to a space that may feel overly soft and feminine.

Metallic Finds