• 11-5/8" x 23-3/8" field in charcoal (architect: Emerick Architects; photographer: Spin Virtual Tours + Photography)

The Summit Collection is a highly durable, easy to maintain glazed flooring tile that has faithfully reproduced the look of stone quarried in the Burgundy region of France. Its straight edge and monolithic color lend themselves beautifully to contemporary styles.


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  • Eco-thinking


Summit tiles are comprised of 40% pre-consumer recycled material. 45% of the raw material used in the porcelain tiles is quarried within 500 miles of the production site of Toano, Italy. Summit tiles have a low solar reflectivity, making them suitable for outdoor use. The porcelain is also optimal for heating floor systems and their durability make them a good match for areas with interior moisture loads.

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Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • wet area
  • residential floor
  • high-traffic
  • outdoor
  • wall
  • Suitable for indoor wall and flooring applications
  • Outdoor use subject to method of installation, material not affected by freeze/thaw
  • Complies with ADA slip requirements for horizontal surfaces in wet environments
  • Suitable for wet applications including shower, pool and fountain
  • Testing data available upon request

Field Tiles

  • Summit Rectangle Field
  • Summit Square Field


  • Summit Stacked

Trims & Moldings

  • Summit Bullnose