• small reed mosaic in off white, rain cloud and light grey (designer: Anita Dawson)

Chrysalis is a collection of hand cut and fitted artisan glass mosaics that stand out for their beauty and craftsmanship. The delightfully creative patterns, breathtaking palette and skillfully executed fabrication have made this an excellent option for residential and commercial applications that demand attention.


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SKU: AS13013


Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • wall
  • Suitable for all indoor wall applications


  • Chrysalis Anasazi
  • Chrysalis Art Deco
  • Chrysalis Bombay
  • Chrysalis Chevron Herringbone
  • Chrysalis Fish Scale
  • Chrysalis Geo
  • Chrysalis Hex Diamond
  • Chrysalis Interlace
  • Chrysalis Interweave
  • Chrysalis Large Applique
  • Chrysalis Large Reed
  • Chrysalis Marrakech
  • Chrysalis Mikado
  • Chrysalis Mikado with Birds
  • Chrysalis Mod Dot
  • Chrysalis Plume
  • Chrysalis Rainbow
  • Chrysalis Rajah
  • Chrysalis Segmented Flower
  • Chrysalis Small Applique
  • Chrysalis Small Reed
  • Chrysalis Split Honeycomb
  • Chrysalis Tonic