At ANN SACKS, sustainability is a way of life. Our Eco-Thinking initiative reflects high-quality, long-lasting natural materials; recycled content and low-energy processes are essential in our mission to tread lightly on the environment.

As a manufacturer and supplier of luxury tile and stone, we have the opportunity to help our customers enhance their own environments with beauty; and in many cases, with natural materials that offer permanent installations and freedom from surfaces that rely on toxic chemicals and adhesives. However, we recognize that our daily business operations - from powering the kilns in our factory to keeping the lights on in our showrooms - consume precious, and dwindling, natural resources. Eco-Thinking makes sure that we keep that fact top of mind and reinforces our commitment to reducing our footprint.

Eco-Thinking Products

While tile and stone offer some inherently sustainable attributes, such as longevity and freedom from chemical off-gassing, we acknowledge that some of our products are more sustainable than others. From recycled glass to energy-efficient concrete, each of these products is labeled with our Eco-Thinking logo for easy identification. You can also view the entire list of these sustainable products on our Eco-thinking collection page.

Eco-Thinking Manufacturing

Our Portland, Oregon factory, where we manufacture our signature Ann Sacks Collection, is in many ways the hub of our Eco-Thinking efforts. Our factory currently utilizes an energy-efficient fast-firing kiln design and by year end we will be adding an even more efficient periodic gas kiln that recycles waste heat. All excess raw clay used in Ann Sacks Collection tile is recycled. We use only lead-free glazes and all manufacturing waste-water is filtered prior to leaving the facility. Our finished goods seconds are donated to a local non-profit community enhancement organization. All products ship from our factory in recycled/recyclable packaging.

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