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September 2011

Since Words Don't do it Justice
Take a closer look at the new Regina Heinz Collection.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
The silvery, grey depths of Visage reflect far more than inner beauty.
August 2011

Get Carried Away with Vicente Wolf Textures
Weigh anchor and cast off on an endless sea of tile.

Make a One-of-a-kind Impression
Custom mosaics meticulously crafted from fine art glass.
July 2011

Nature's Gift to Tile Lovers
Colors and textures straight from mother earth to you.

A Simple Recipe for Sublime Design
Presenting Andy Fleishman tiles for ANN SACKS. From humble sand, gravel and cement, intricate patterns and rich patinas spring forth to create tiles that are anything but ordinary.
June 2011

When the Right Materials Come Together...
A room becomes more than the sum of its parts. Introducing the new Lumé glass collection.
May 2011

Now that You've Created the Perfect Room...'s time to put the icing on the cake by shopping our ANN SACKS furnishings line.

Artisan Tile with a Modern Feel
Made in America, Nottingham is an ANN SACKS favorite that marries the best of traditional handcraft and modern taste.
April 2011

Let's Get Eco-Friendly
Incredible, timeless designs with our most eco-friendly materials.

Glass Candy for Your Designing Appetite
Whet your appetite with the many colors, sizes and shapes of our Lucian glass tile.
March 2011

We've Gone Global
After 31 years of US based roots, ANN SACKS is thrilled to announce the launch of their first international showroom in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London.
February 2011

Award-winning Tile from Ann Sacks
Inspired by the beauty of Indonesia, our award-winning Indah collection features hand carved patterns in reclaimed teak.

New Product Spotlight: Ceramic Art Tile
Three new handcrafted ceramic art tiles, new color options and a new collection by Barbara Barry round out the latest product launches by Ann Sacks.
January 2011

Incredible Color Captured in Glass
Introducing our exclusive Aura glass collection, infused with the colors of nature.

Design Ideas at your Fingertips
We've updated our Installation Gallery to include more imagery than ever. Bring your imagination and leave with ideas.
December 2010

Introducing Ann Sacks Basics Stone
Beautiful natural stone choices from around the world in a wide variety of formats with prices starting below $12 per square foot.

Uncompromising Design, Great Value
Unprecedented value across ceramic, glass, porcelain and concrete tile without compromising quality and design.
November 2010

Discover the Convenience
The Ann Sacks Collection‚ our signature product offering, represents the heart of what we do as a company: uniting functionality with handcrafted beauty. Ann Sacks NOW provides access to the most popular elements of this best selling collection‚ available for immediate shipment.

Four New Ways to Make an Impression
Fine‚ hand-etched ceramic tiles and coordinating trims join the Laura Kirar Impressions Collection.
September 2010

The Artistry of Eco-Thinking
Sustainable tile and stone products, made from long-lasting materials, recycled content and low-energy processes, add beauty and longevity to the home.
June 2010

Introducing Michael S Smith Cosmati
Michael S Smith brings his inventive style of mixing Old World classicism with inspired contemporary interiors to the exclusive Cosmati collection of stone mosaics.
March 2010

Introducing New Glass Mosaics
ANN SACKS continues its commitment to creating beautiful mosaics with three new collections, ranging from the subtle to splendidly graphic.
December 2009

Natural Wonders
ANN SACKS offers best-in-class natural stone from all over the world.
September 2009

Design for Living
ANN SACKS expands into a new facet of bath design with the introduction of ANN SACKS Bath Furnishings.
May 2009

Organic Inspiration
Three new tiles from ANN SACKS are all inspired by forms and motifs found in nature.
February 2009

Distinctive Design, Great Value
ANN SACKS introduces three new tiles, each priced under $10 per square foot, that share our commitment to quality and design integrity.
November 2008

Timeless Favorites
Three tried-and-true ANN SACKS ceramics collections have been refreshed with new designs and updated color palettes.
August 2008

Brilliant Ideas
ANN SACKS introduces three new metallic-finish tiles that offer a great way to show a little shine.
May 2008

Natural Wonders
Three new handcrafted tile collections from ANN SACKS are inspired by natural, organic forms.
February 2008

Ceramic Floor Tiles
Three new ceramic floor tiles from ANN SACKS add affordable, low-maintenance and versatile style to residential and commercial installations alike.
November 2007

Handmade Elegance
Impressions, Laura Kirar's new tile collection for ANN SACKS, was inspired by the designer's desire to add an artistic element to the bath.
August 2007

Modern Romance
Labyrinth, designer Michael S. Smith's new tile collection for ANN SACKS, blends the geometry and rhythm of Moorish themes with Modernist interiors.
June 2007

Eastern Artistry
ANN SACKS introduces new products, including a trio of tiles that embody the richness of Asian and Eurasian art.
February 2007

Texture by Design
Three new tile collections from ANN SACKS utilize texture in very different ways, but they all add visual interest.
November 2006

Beautiful Concrete Tile
ANN SACKS introduces a selection of beautiful new concrete tiles from a trio of celebrated designers.
May 2006

Natural Stone Flooring
ANN SACKS launches four unique flooring programs inspired by diverse historical influences from around the world.
January 2006

Mosaic Tiles
ANN SACKS introduces a made-to-order tile program that will turn any project into a masterpiece.
August 2005

Angela Adams Tile
ANN SACKS unveils stunning ceramic tiles created by celebrated designer Angela Adams.
May 2005

New Products & My Portfolio
Using textural tile to add contrast and interest, beautiful glass basins for the bathroom, and tips on using My Portfolio.
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