• 9/16" stacked mosaic in honed finish

Our Naxos marble has a white to creamy yellow backdrop with subtle grey clouding. An intense and well defined crystalline structure makes this excellent for traditional and contemporary interiors alike.

Field Tiles


  • 9/16" stacked mosaic in honed finish
    Naxos Stacked


    • 9/16" x 9/16" x 3/8" stacked mosaic on 12" x 12" netted sheet


field tiles range from $15-$81.95
mosaics starting at $26.50 sf

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SKU: AS13000/AS13001

Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • residential floor
  • freeze/thaw
  • wall
  • Suitable for all indoor wall and medium duty flooring applications. Striated finish only suitable for wall applications.
  • Outdoor use subject to method of installation
  • High traffic areas may require additional care and cleaning