• 11-5/8" x 23-3/8" field in flannel with BAKER thomas pheasant collection adams side table in sable and barbara barry collection california cane lounge chair in brunette (photographer: Roland Bishop, stylist: Rosemary Richards)

Inspired by the warm, natural limestone of the Anatolian region near the ancient city of Troy, our Cappadocia collection is premium through-body porcelain. Durable, affordable, elegant and sophisticated, it makes a timeless statement in residential and commercial interiors.

Field Tiles


Trims & Moldings


field tiles range from $13.95 sf to $14.95 sf
mosaics starting at $26.95 sf
trims starting at $6.50 lf

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  • Eco-thinking


Cappadocia porcelain tiles are made with 40% pre-consumer recycled material. Our process consumes a low amount of energy and the tiles emerge with no traces of VOC. Because of their energy performance, Cappadocia tiles are optimal for heating floor systems and their durability make them ideal for areas with interior moisture loads.

About Eco-Thinking

Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • residential floor
  • high-traffic
  • freeze/thaw
  • wall
  • Suitable for indoor wall and flooring applications
  • Outdoor use subject to method of installation, material not affected by freeze/thaw
  • Suitable for wet applications including shower, pool and fountain
  • Testing available upon request